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RedHeads Winery harvesting the Sun

Article by Victron Energy on RedHeads' green credentials.
Redheads winery

Talking to the lovely Alex Trescowthick, Chief Winemaker at the RedHeads Winery you soon realise that he’s not afraid of cutting a new path. Alex traces his open-mindedness about winemaking to a lecture he attended back in 2016 by Roger Boulton – a Professor in Chemical Engineering. Professor Boulton’s research into fermentation has solved many old questions over the years, made some exciting discoveries, and proposed new theories for the fermentation process, and achieved stability in the final finished product. At the end of the chemistry-focussed lecture, the question most on Alex’s mind was: “Why isn’t everyone making wine in this way?” 

So the offer back in 2017 to set up RedHeads Wine and winery owned by the well-known Laithwaite family of wine merchants, and located in the favoured Barossa Valley of South Australia (the Wine state); together with a licence to experiment and develop new methods and processes in the making of small-batch premium wines, couldn’t have come at a better time. Why shouldn’t wine be tasty and sustainable and good for the environment? 

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