Meet the crew

Darren Harvey

Darren didn’t jump straight into wine as a career. Having spent 15 years working as a hotel manager in Australia, the UK and America, he also travelled through Europe. However, it was during these journeys that his love of wine began to grow and flourish from the different cultures he had experienced. For him, it was about the experience and enjoyment of wine, the diversity, the regions, the passion and the culture. A love for wine is clear in Darren as he oozes with enthusiasm for the stuff.

After coming home to Adelaide, Darren took the opportunity to complete a degree in viticulture and oenology at Adelaide Uni. He travelled around and studied the complexities and glories of wine along the west coast of America and British Columbia where he toured winery operations while sampling the best they had to offer. On top of this, he brings with him an incredible amount of experience from the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills to our RedHeads Studio, helping to add to the expertise behind our brand.