Dogs of the Barossa Shiraz

Top Barossa Valley Shiraz grapes, handcrafted winemaking every step of the way and ageing in top quality French oak barrels result in this powerful, complex, long-lived Aussie red.


The Dogs of the Barossa is the story of a young dog in an old dog’s world. We find ourselves once again proving our worth, this time in the ancient Barossa, an area with some of the oldest vineyards in the world. Shiraz vines nearly 200 years old. France can’t get near it.

Having led the pack in the McLaren Vale, the young dog is now proving our strength and vigor in the Barossa. It is showing that, set among some of the most iconic names of Australian wine (Henschke, Penfolds, Lehmanns, Wolf Blass), our wines still stand out and in time The Dog will run among the great leaders of the pack.

As you can see from the label, this Dog has enormous potential … ultra-sensitive nose to pick out every trace of the aroma, an impeccable palate and liver that can cope with all that sampling. Its paws have a wide-base design, ideal for treading the grapes, a long articulated tail to maintain stability and balance at all times and powerful hindquarters for the long finish.


Based in an area with some of the oldest vineyards in the world, our artisanal winemaking studio is a young pup in an old dog’s world.

That doesn’t mean we can’t come up with some new tricks – and that’s what this Gold medal winner sets out to prove. Big, velvety black fruit, strong oaky spice and firm tannins lead the way with this 97 point beast from the Barossa.


  • 2012: 1x GOLD
  • 2013: 4x GOLDS
  • 2014: 4x GOLDS, 90 POINTS from Halliday Wine Companion
  • 2015: 2x TROPHYS, 3x GOLDS, 96 POINTS from IWC
  • 2016: 3x GOLDS, 94 POINTS from Halliday Wine Companion, 92 POINTS from Mundus Vini
  • 2017: 3x GOLDS
  • 2018: 1 x Double GOLD, 1 x GREAT GOLD
  • 2019: 93 POINTS from IWC, 97 POINTS from World’s Greatest Shiraz/Syrah XVI Wine Show (Winestate Magazine)

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