Harmonie Rox Chardonnay

A captivating Chardonnay with grapes from the region of the Coonawarra which is well known for its Cabernet Sauvignon. So, in true RedHeads fashion, we have created a diamond in the rough!

Coonawarra may be best known for its top drawer Cabernets, but Redheads wine studio likes to buck the trend. They were out to prove it was top notch for elegant Chardie too. From grower Jack Bursten, Harmonie Rox is lemon fresh and creamy edged.


From the Southern corner of South Australia, Harmonie reigns in a world dominated by big, bold, ageing reds. Vibrant and free, she embodies the spirit of earth and peace in perfect unity with nature. She Rox this new age tradition as she parades through the world.

Unsatisfied with reds reigning the Coonawarra region for years, we’ve liberated these top-notch grapes and created the unthinkable, a Coonawarra Chardonnay!


It’s only by having a revolutionary approach to handcrafting wines that RedHeads can make something as impressive as this top-notch Chardonnay.

Created with grapes from top grower Jack Bursten in Coonawarra – an area famous for its top-drawer Cabernets. Fermented in French Oak, you’ll find it’s a creamy mouthful with light spice, cut through with citrus freshness.

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