MC1R: Rouge Pinot Noir / Shiraz

MC1R: part of the DNA that’s in our make-up and the essence of everything RedHeads Wine.


We’re all geared differently: appearance, character, likes and dislikes. It’s these traits that make us special, unique; where’s the fun in being the same?

The MC1R gene helps determine our skin and hair colour: whether we’ll become a blonde, brunette or RedHeads. But, only grapes growers and winemakers are able to create the colour, fashion the flavour and style the sensations of a wine.


Taking it’s name from the gene that determines hair colour, this innovative, gold-medal winner has a style all of it’s own: supremely juicy, fruity and moreish.

Expect a bright, elegant mouthful of ripe summer berries and a silky smooth texture, complemented by aromas of intense cherry and raspberry with a touch of spice. Serve it cool with pasta or maybe a moussaka to make the most of all those bright berry flavours.


  • 2018: 3x GOLDS, 90-94 POINTS from International Wine Awards

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