Night of the Living Red Durif / Shiraz / Touriga

Twos Golds and three top scores for this full throttle red from the RedHeads team in deepest Barossa. It combines big on spice Durif with cassis scented, old vine Cab and exotic Touriga. Oak aged for toasty complexity, it’s gobsmackingly gorgeous.

Please note: This report has been redacted and stricken from official records. It is unclassified and cannot be recorded as fact. Any illustrations are also considered void. Only very few details can be released at this juncture.


Over the course of three days there have been numerous reports from witnesses hearing strange noises in the local vineyards. There were no definite sightings until Monday 26th April when the creature first came into view. It was first spotted among the Durif and the Shiraz and then later in the Touriga. It is likely that this was the same creature but it is too early to confirm at this stage.

It was finally tracked down to the Studio, where a few hardy souls were able to harness it, bound by oak clasped in metal. A brooding vinous core, beating frenzied passion through its veins, thick and deep as blood. Responsive to pleasure and pain alike.


Every year, our winemakers have to sweet-talk top grower Joe Roccat to make sure they get a full load of his amazing, spicy Durif grapes.

Then, to create this full-throttle 95 point red, they add cassis-scented, old vine Cab and a drop of exotic Touriga. Why bother? To create a gobsmackingly gorgeous wine that’s velvety, long and rich with firm tannins and generous ripe fruit.


  • 2016: 5x GOLDS, 95 POINTS from Halliday Wine Companion
  • 2018: 3x GOLDS, 95-100 POINTS from IWA

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